Kiddie Facials

When it comes to kids, parents are most likely not concerned about their skin or beauty routine at such an age. Kid’s mini facials allow your child to get started with laying the foundations for retaining a healthy and youthful glow later in their life. At Diamond Aesthetics, we provide a modified version of the traditional facial. Our kiddie facials are specially designed for kids aged under 12 and our certified estheticians, led by Faye Pena, will provide customized skin care treatments to your child based on skin type and any existing skin conditions or concerns. These facials are provided under parental supervision.

Is A Facial Good For Children?

A facial can be beneficial for people of all age groups. The primary focus of these skincare treatments is to clear out the pores. As children begin healthy skincare habits early on, it will lay the foundation for them to continue with the regimen for the rest of their lives. It is recommended for kids of all ages to wear sunscreen when they go outdoors between the hours of 11 and 2 noon.

Especially when it comes to girls, there is no set age for getting started with facials. Consider the following points:

  • A facial or a cleanup can help during the hormonal changes.
  • It can also help release any excess oil in the skin.
  • A facial can enhance and rejuvenate your child’s skin health and beauty.

Many kids tend to start getting blackheads, acne, and bumps before they reach the age of 12.

Facials For Parties

Everyone loves to be pampered. Parties are great opportunities for your kid to get a facial. You can visit our Teaneck beauty clinic with your child and enjoy the customized luxury treatment. Your child can relax in a robe while getting their soothing facial mask. Besides having a rejuvenated look, your child will also feel great before heading to the party.

Why Choose Us For Your Kid’s Facials?

We use only high-quality and safe skincare products for all our facial treatments. Our certified and licensed esthetician knows what is required to keep your child’s skin clear and healthy.

  • We will tailor the facial based on your child’s skin type and needs
  • A kiddie facial can include cleansing, masques, toning, and other treatments required based on the above-mentioned factors
  • The facials are provided in a comfortable and positive environment where little boys and girls feel right at home

Making A Difference In Skincare Treatment

At Diamond Aesthetics, our lead esthetician Faye Pena and our team of certified skincare professionals always strive to make our clients feel great about themselves and their faces and body by providing them with tailored skincare treatments. Besides, our in-clinic treatments, we will also help you develop your at-home care plan for optimal results. From experience, we know that an at-home regimen is also important to overall skincare prosperity.

With our experienced esthetician around, all our clients admit the impact she has made on their life. We are certain that you and your child will feel something special about the skincare treatment that we provide. Part of our skincare treatment services is to educate our clients on their plans. If you want to learn more about our kiddie facial services or other skincare programs, feel free to contact us at 800-988-2771 or write to us.
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