Other Services

At Diamond Aesthetics, we are driven by the goal to provide our clients with all forms of skincare treatments to help them feel great about their looks and skin’s health. Faye Pena, our founder, and lead esthetician has made a positive impact on her clients’ lives throughout her career. Whether it is facial or bodily skincare treatment, we will spend all the time with you and allow you to unwind and feel good about the services we provide. Besides our facial services and body facials, we provide a wide range of other services to enhance your facial and bodily looks.


Our dermaplaning services involve exfoliating dead skin and peach fuzz hair. Once we complete the treatment you will have skin that has a smoother texture, glow, and brightness. Some of the key features of our dermaplaning treatment are as follows:

  • Improving the skin’s ability to absorb topical applications and improving skincare treatment effectiveness
  • Rejuvenating your skin and evening out the skin tone
  • Balancing hyperpigmentation and smoothing out any rough spots
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Overcoming peach fuzz

Light Therapy Services

We also provide light therapy treatment to help you look younger while having healthier skin. This therapy will work by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Some of the key benefits of availing light therapy from our clinic are as follows:

  • It reduces or reverses the signs of aging caused by age, pollutants, sun exposure, and other factors
  • The production of collagen will help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pores will decrease both in size and numbers
  • The skin tone and texture will be improved, and any blemishes will be cleared out

Light therapy also helps decrease redness, dry patches, scarring, and other problems associated with eczema.

Chemical Peel

Our chemical peel services help in enhancing and enriching your skin’s looks. Every client receives a custom chemical peel formula treatment based on their skin type and condition. Some of the common benefits of this treatment include improved acne scars, skin texture and tone, and clearing out acne. After you complete the required number of sessions, your skin will have lesser wrinkles, will be smoother, and will become more even. The treatment improves the skin’s rejuvenation capacity, reduces scars, and reduces dark patches and age spots.

Micro Needling

Our microneedling treatment helps in improving your skin’s fairness and texture. The procedure helps your body produce new collagen and elastin and triggers a healing process. Some of the benefits of microneedling are as follows:

  • Reducing stretch marks, scars, and pores’ size
  • Tightening any sagging skin
  • Reducing any stretch marks
  • Improving scars caused by burns, surgery, or injury
  • Diminishing deep wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars

Microneedling especially improves the effectiveness of other skincare treatments and products.

Lash Lift

Our lash lift treatment helps you achieve fuller, longer, and more beautiful lashes without the need for using extensions or layering mascara. Your lashes will look more prominent, no matter their natural size. The process begins with perming and nourishing oil treatment before we provide a custom curl so that the lashes complement your features. We can also add the desired tint to your lashes.

Eyebrow Lamination

Our eyebrow lamination process will give direction to your eyebrow hair and set them up in the desired shape. This treatment will bring the highest degree of fulness from your naturally growing eyebrows. Whether you have thick or thin brows or very sparse brows, we can customize the lamination treatment to your specific needs. At Diamond Aesthetics, we provide our skincare and other treatment services throughout Teaneck, NJ, and the surrounding areas in Bergen County. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at 800-988-2771 or write to us.
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