Pretty Buns Facial

A swimsuit occasion can arise at any time. You should always be ready to strut your pretty buns in those tiny bikini bottoms anytime. Bikini time is for fun and showing off your flawless butt cheeks and not hiding them or feeling embarrassed. With our smoothing Pretty Buns Facial treatment, you will be treating your cheeks the way they deserve to be.

There is no need for any red bumps to make you feel awkward. At Diamond Aesthetics, our esthetician Faye Pena and our team can provide you with customized bun facials based on your unique skin type, problems, and concerns.

Benefits of Bun Facials

You may have been doing lots of squats to have the perfectly shaped buns. If you have skin problems such as breakouts on your butt, we understand how uncomfortable you may feel when you wear a bikini or shorts. There are many ways our bun facials can help you:

Get Rid of Butt Acne

Butt acne or ‘Buttne’ is common and involves small red bumps forming on your buns. Our bun facial treatment can help overcome this problem. The use of glycolic acid as an exfoliator helps remove dead skin cells. Besides overcoming your existing buttne, the treatment can also prevent it from returning.

Improved Circulation

Our butt facial service will also help improve blood circulation. Studies show that increased cellulite can cause poor circulation. Our esthetician will use a wide range of techniques to improve circulation and plumps the skin.

Healthier Skin

Your buns can also remain smooth and ageless. When it comes to bun facials, it is not just always about the looks. It is also about self-love and care. Our butt facial treatment also enhances your skin’s health, making your butt both look and feel smooth and fresh.

What To Expect During A Pretty Buns Facial?

A bun facial will usually have almost the same steps as your typical facial. However, there can be certain variations between different clients based on their skin type, skin problems, and personal needs and preferences.

The usual steps in our pretty bun’s facial include:

  • Steaming: This will prep and soften the pores, making cleansing and treatments more effective.
  • Cleansing: Our esthetician can use chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation.
  • Scrubbing: We may use ultrasonic scrubbing in some facials to loosen up and get rid of any built-up debris within the pores.
  • Masking: We may use one or more masks depending on the tailored facial plan created for your buns.
  • Moisturization: This will help hydrate your skin cells and improve the skin’s absorption of nutrients, creating a plump look and feel.

We may also use a high-frequency device to help treat and prevent acne, fading dark marks, shrinking pores, firming, and toning skin, and stimulating cell renewal. We can use a custom mask that provides deep cleansing and oxygenating pores to leave your skin looking and feeling radiant and smooth.

If you want to learn more about our pretty buns facial service, feel free to give us a call at 800-988-2771. We are in Teaneck, NJ and serve clients from all over the region. You may also write to us and we will reach you back.
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